Faculty of Public Health

Faculty of Public Health

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  • Master of Public Health
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  • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Public Health


Thailand had implemented a reform of health insurance policy and introduced the National Health Security Act since 2002 which aimed to provide the people an equal opportunity to quality healthcare services and to ensure that the low income population had the access to healthcare services the government healthcare facilities without any charges. This is also to ensure equal access that covers every citizen.

Furthermore, the government has been proactively implementing public health policies and upgrading public health centers to health promoting hospitals across the nation. For this reason, it is necessary to ensure the availability and sufficiency of healthcare practitioners in various medical specializations in these hospitals to provide quality and effective health promotion, preventive measures and protection of public health and sanitation that appropriately applies to individuals, families, communities and society levels

 However, at present, there is a shortage of medical practitioners particularly medical specialists to provide sufficient services to the population. This has a direct and enormous impact to health promotion, prevention and the protection of health and sanitation of the population, communities and the society.

For this reason, Western University is guided by its main missions to produce quality graduates, promote researches and studies, to provide academic services to the society and to preserve arts and culture. The university is well-equipped with competent lecturers, facilities, educational equipment and laboratories.

 Western University has consider to provide an academic program of master of public health to produce quality master’s graduates who are knowledgeable, academically skilled and proficient in the field of Healthcare administration, prevention of diseases and health and sanitation protection.

 The master’s graduates must be highly capable of applying research findings in supporting health promotion, prevention of diseases and protection of health and sanitation of the people. Furthermore, they are encouraged to be innovative in promoting advanced knowledge that is essential for the betterment of economy, society and the country.

 The key success is the capability to establish a solid foundation to promote public healthcare programs in order to eradicate the shortage of specialized healthcare practitioners as recommended by the national policies.

The program maintains the philosophy of promoting master’s graduates who are knowledgeable and specialized. They are encouraged to be innovative in bringing forth original and valuable knowledge that is applicable for the country’s economic and social development. Finally, they shall continuously take the initiative to develop themselves and the society.

Program’s objectives

  1. To be highly knowledgeable, academically proficient and specialized in selected fields as well as capable of applying research findings into practice.
  2. To be highly proficient in the study of research methodology and application of findings in academic fields to promote, improve and resolve issues effectively.
  3. To be capable of conducting researches and application of findings in developing projects.
  4. To be innovative in bringing forth original and valuable knowledge that is applicable for the country’s economic and social development
  5. To be highly effective in oral and written communication in both Thai and English.
  6. To have good interpersonal skills and to be a team player.
  7. To demonstrate forward thinking and creativity, academically resourceful and capable of creating world class quality projects.
  8. To be knowledgeable and proficient in modern information technology.
  9. To be able to demonstrate systemic thinking and being analytical. To have the right disposition and independently capable of managing and resolving predictable and non-predictable issues.
  10. Eager to learn and constantly in pursuit of new knowledge and information on academic advancement, technology and modern science which are essentials for conducting researches and studies in order to apply the acquired knowledge and information for self-improvement, develop learning and working as well as life time professional development.

Career opportunities after completing the program

Upon completion of the program, the graduates may choose to pursue careers in Public health administration or as a Public health advisor, university lecturer, and researcher or as an independent practitioner.




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