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Western University has been committed to enhance the development of human capability, education and environment by putting emphasis on educational excellence to become the academic source that produces academic scholars who have the vision to develop themselves, society, country and ultimately the entire humanity. The program encourages an ideology that foster cooperation rather than competition.

Furthermore, it is apparent that the majority of universities in the country do not provide academic programs in Laws that are clear and specific. The country is still lacking comprehensive knowledge of Laws and an adequate numbers of public law practitioners. The population in general lacks the understanding of public law.

Western University as a higher education institution whose main missions are to produce quality graduates, to promote researches and studies, to provide academic services to the society and to preserve arts and culture, recognizes the importance of law practitioners who are capable and highly skilled in the field of Law in order to defend and protect exploited individuals and to minimize legal impact and complication that may occur.


Philosophy and objective of the program          

The master of Laws program provided by Western University aims to develop the students to have the wisdom and maturity to analyze and discuss existing public laws that can lead to advocating and implementing changes in a legal system.

Objectives of the program

Western University aims to produce successful graduates of Master of Laws degree who are knowledgeable and possess the following qualifications:

  1. Knowledgeable in matters of Law and capable to professionally conduct the practice of Law. The graduates shall be proficient in applying acquired main knowledge and in related field of studies as well as effectively using modern technology and science to gain advantages.
  2. Proficient in communication in both Thai and English
  3. Good interpersonal skills and effective team player.
  4. Possesses vision and creativity especially in the field of Laws. Capable of producing world class quality researches and studies.
  5. Proficient in applying information technology and modern Science to their advantage
  6. Capable to systematically analyzing matters of laws, ingeniously resolve issues in daily lives and in legal practice.
  7. Eager to learn and constantly in pursuit of new knowledge and information on academic advancement, technology and modern science which are essentials for conducting researches and studies in order to apply the acquired knowledge and information for self-improvement, develop learning and working as well as life time professional development.
  8. Positive attitude in providing quality legal services to the people.
  9. Possess professional moral and ethics. Uphold the preservation of tradition and arts and culture. Advocate democracy, responsible and adhere to socially accepted rules.

Career opportunities after completing the program

After successfully completed the Master of laws program, the graduates may choose to pursue careers in private legal practice as well as in government organizations such as the following:

  1. As a judge , administrative court judge
  2. As a prosecutor
  3. As a Legal Officer
  4. As a Legal expert in government organizations, local governments and in private sectors
  5. As a corporate executive specialized in litigation or as a corporate lawyer in private sectors

As an independent lawyer, legal advisor or as a lecturer in the field of laws for government or private universities.



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